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Nahid Navab is an Iranian-American artist based in Fairfax, VA. Born and raised in Iran she moved to the United States in her early thirties. She served in the medical profession for some years before she found her passion for art. Art became her means of communication, a bridge to reach others and for others to connect to her.

In each painting and handprint there is expressive, colorful stories woven with a mix of Navab's cross-cultural experiences. Seasoned world traveler and profoundly influenced by Persian history and literature, Navab skillfully blends cultures from across the globe to create artwork infused with a synthesis of heritage and contemporary urban life.

Navab’s works present her belief that art is a conduit for social change. Art can intelligently light the path to find new solutions to society's oldest problems. Her works reflect her interest in global unity and women issues.

Nahid Navab is an MFA graduate from George Mason University, School of Art.








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